Dr. Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou

Categories: CursoTuneles

Chrysothemis is a Tunnel/Mining Engineer (MEng) with post-graduate studies (MSc) in Tunnelling from NTUA (GR).

In 2016, she completed her PhD which involved working in a joint Research Project between Queen’s University and ETH Zurich. In 2017 she was appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Leeds (UK). Chrysothemis works as an Independent Consultant on geotechnical and tunnelling engineering projects and in the past as Tunnel Engineer. In April 2018, Chrysothemis was elected to be in the International Tunnelling Association, ITA Young Professionals steering committee representing the UK. She is also an active member in the Greek (GTSym) and the British Tunnelling Society Young Members Group (BTSym), member of ITACUS and ITA-CET steering committee. In 2019, Chrysothemis got tenure and in 2020 Chrysothemis successfully completed her MBA at LUBS as she is a strong believer of life-long training.