Nicolas Berthoz

Categories: CursoTuneles

Nicolas Berthoz has been working for six years as an engineer in the Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Design Department of the center for tunnel studies (France). Previously, he completed a PhD devoted to the physical and numerical modeling of Earth-Pressure Balanced Shield, and worked for three years as a “surface” geotechnical engineer (foundations, retaining walls, etc.).

His main areas of expertise are as follows: (i) geotechnical surveys and models, (ii) tunneling techniques (conventional, tunnel boring machine, micro-tunneling), (iii) geotechnical and structural design of tunnels, (iv) numerical modeling of civil engineering problems, (v) displacements and vibrations caused by excavation on neighbouring structures.

His missions concern: (i) studies and appraisals within the framework of numerous French projects, (ii) researches, in particular concerning the movements induced by tunnels on neighbouring structures, (iii) training in engineering school.